• Compact

    Goble Disc Harrow

  • Mounted X Type

    Tandem Disc Harrow

  • Trailed Heavy Type

    Disc Harrow With Hydraulic Lift

  • Chisel Plough

    With Roller

  • Three Line

    Spring Cultivator

Our Products

Özermak Agricultural Machinery About Us

Özermak Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. was established and started to production and sales of Agricultural Machinery  in 1990. It is our greatest aim to offer our customers the best quality products in a short time. The Customer Satisfaction is our basic principle with 23 years of experience.

Based on its past experiences, our company, which aims to make good quality production on Agricultural Machinery, has proven its success in this field. Our products are certified in European standards.

Özermak Tarım Makinaları Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.